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Yoga for Flexibility, Strength and Balance

Written by the founder of Yoga Flex, this is an essential training guide that will take you through the Yoga Flex methodology.

ISBN: 9781847970800
Price: £16.99

There is a growing realization that stretching is an important way of helping to maintain a healthy body and mind, and of reducing the risk of muscle injury. Accordingly, an increasing number of exercises from yoga have been incorporated into normal sports training.

This essential guide brings together classic yoga exercises and stretching training, and presents a programme that can be used for improving flexibility, strength and balance.

Packed full of information and containing over 250 colour photographs, it provides a holistic and structured approach to training and development.

This book will help you to understand both the process and the range of movement in the human body, plan sessions to meet your development needs, modify exercises to suit your level of ability, and track your progress.

  • Presents a brief history of yoga
  • Contains a beginner's guide
  • Considers the skeletal and muscular systems as they relate to stretching
  • Provides simple, step-by-step instructions
  • Covers preparation exercises, and seated, standing, supine and floor exercises
  • Includes helpful teaching points, tips on safety and training, and a session planner

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