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Frequently asked questions



What style of yoga? Yoga Flex follows the methodology presented in the founder's book, Yoga for Flexibility, Strength and Balance.


Class format The beginning of the class focuses on poses that help to warm up the body in order to attempt more challenging poses later on in the session. The poses at the end of the class help reduce fatigue and reflect.


Who are these classes suitable for? We can accept children above the age of five and adults up to the age of sixty. Our classes are family friendly, and especially for younger children we recommend that parents attend.


I am new to yoga. Can I attend Yoga Flex classes? You are welcome to come along and see whether yoga is for you. You can join in any of the regular classes or if you prefer book into a taster session. The taster sessions run within the main class and aim to bring new students into the training at the same time.


I have done some yoga before. Are these classes suitable for me? We take on students of varying ability to all our classes. You are welcome to book straight into a regular class.


Can't make our training times? If you cannot make our training times and would like to arrange private tuition, please contact us.




Enrolment Pre-booking is required to attend these classes. You can book yourself in online. Credit and debit card payments can also be made over the phone. Please call 07981 395 258.


What should I wear? Loose, comfortable clothing that will keep you warm is ideal. We suggest training in joggers and T-shirt.


How often do you recommend training? Ideally, students should try to train once a week on a regular basis.




Benefits Yoga training requires discipline, self belief, and perserverance to practice regularly in order to see the benefits. When a particular pose has been mastered it will become effortless and cause no discomfort. All the poses should be done with the focus on using the body rather than the mind.


Hydration We recommend keeping a bottle of water near you during training for re-hydration.


Breathing Try to breathe through the nose rather than the mouth.


Yoga mat We recommend training with a yoga mat. If you don't have one, then a towel is also useful.

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